Where in the world is Paul Kuliniewicz?

What’s been so demanding on his time that he’s only posting here once in a while instead of sporadically?

Look! Bullets!

  • Project the first, for crypto class. Originally intended to do nifty things with aggregate signatures in the BLS signature scheme (which is what this IBE scheme is based on). However, it turns out that the scheme is slow. Painfully slow. Glacially slow. Three-orders-of-magnitude-slower-than-RSA-signatures slow. Not really a liability for IBE, but it is when you want to apply it to Internet routing protocols. Side note: this paper is a fine example of writing a lot without saying very much.
  • Project the second, for access controls class. I’m trying to come up with a language for writing SELinux policies that doesn’t completely rely on kludgy, hard-to-reason-about M4 macros for just about all higher-level constructions. Let me tell you, it’s fun when you sit down to (finally!) start writing a compiler for the language, and then realize that your proposed language could result in infinitely long policies given a finite (and quite small!) input. I think I might have those kinks worked out, though, but there’s still loads to do.
  • Did I mention I get to present on both projects next week? Yeah.
  • Last weekend the Ship of Fools performed at the Relay for Life, to raise funds for anti-cancer research and the like. It’s a 24-hour event, and we performed at 4 AM. The show went about as well as you can expect at that hour, plus it marked John’s debut performance as a Fool. Before the show, we kept each other awake in a marathon Apples to Apples session.
  • This weekend the Ship of Fools is performing at ImprovFest in Miami. No, not that Miami, the other one. Yeah, the Ohio one. Should be fun.
  • Also, still another SoF show on the 19th, which still needs planning to be done.

So yeah, busy.

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