Helpful Children’s Shoes Tip

If you’re ever trying to nail a child’s shoe onto a foot, don’t try to put the nail through the bottom of the heel, because it’s very hard to hammer the nail in there. The soles in those things are made of dolomite or something, I don’t know. Instead, put the nail through the back of the shoe. You’ll have much better luck.

Not the G Word

Suppose I have a set of people who all have different times they’re available for meetings and such. I want to have a piece of software that will take their schedules and tell me the times when some subset of them are all available. I want it to be painfully easy for them to keep their schedules updated, because otherwise they won’t bother and then it will be useless. I need it to be web-based, since some jerks don’t use the same OS as the others do. I don’t want a full-fledged gr*upw*re package, because that’s massively overkill and way more complex than anything I need.

I just want one thing and want it done well: comparing schedules.

Does such a thing exist, or am I going to be forced to write it myself?