Scheduling for Morons

Does anyone know why television schedules invariably underestimate the length of a sports event by at least an hour? Networks have been airing all sorts of sports for years; shouldn’t they have figured out by now how long they normally last? Even when there’s no overtime, you always have to add at least an hour to the end time if you’re trying to record it.

2 Responses

  1. I suppose it might fool some to stay up who would otherwise sleep if it’s scheduled to last to a reasonable hour. Perhaps it’s an effective subliminal marketing?

  2. Or possibly they’re deliberately trying to make it difficult to record. Tell a DVR to record it and you’ll end up missing the fourth quarter or final innings or what have you. I know some networks have taken to shifting the start times of their prime-time programming by a minute or two specifically to do this (and to make it more difficult to watch another network before or after the show). After all, DVR users are more likely to fast forward through the commercials, so who needs them?

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