Almost the CMG

I came so close to finishing the first Programming Languages project in a single day. Pretty much all the code’s written, but neither of the two test cases provided quite pass. (All of the ones I wrote pass just fine, for whatever that’s worth.)

No big deal, really, since it’s not due until Wednesday anyway.

The project is a type-checker for MiniML. Jeff, care to guess who’s teaching the class? <g>

Also, a couple of days ago I finally sat down and got Purdue AirLink working on kryten. Mostly a matter of following this guide, with a few minor adjustments (namely, explicitly turning encryption off and using vpnc-connect instead of vpnc). Which means I can now use the campus’s wireless network.

There’s a word from someone who goes to a computer lab, pushes the keyboard aside, and sets down his own laptop to use instead of the computer he’s sitting at. I’m not quite sure what the word is, though. But you can now apply it to me.

3 Responses

  1. Tough one. “Who is Suresh?” :-)

  2. I’m sorry, your answer has to be in the form of an, um, answer. :-)

    Type-checking the language is quite a bit easier than compiling it, I must say.

  3. Now the type checker looks like it’s working. Tricky, hiding identifiers in the types stored in the abstract syntax tree. Fortunately, it’s easy to fix, once you figure out just what identifiers the error message is talking about and read the comments in the provided code.

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