Today’s Sign of the Apocalypse

I saw one of these callout flyers in the Recitation building and did a double-take. Yes, it’s legit; the group has the room reserved and everything.

I’m scared.

(Photo thanks to Tom McHenry.)

(Purdue terminology: a “callout” is a club meeting held primarily to attract prospective members. For example, the Ship of Fools / Purdue Improv Club‘s callout will be this Friday at 7:00 PM in BRNG 2280.)

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Ship of Fools Website

Good thing I didn’t have any pressing homework for tomorrow. That let me spend most of the evening migrating content from the old Ship of Fools web site to the new one.

This wasn’t just copying files over, but a whole rewrite of everything. OK, most of the content is relatively unchanged, but now it’s all in PHP and XHTML and CSS and no frames or tables for layout whatsoever. Net result: the underlying code is a lot cleaner, and I should be able to do neat things with the pages now (like putting a random quote at the bottom, perhaps?).

Also of note: new bios for the two newest members of the performing group. And a significantly expanded games list. And a (proper?) backend for hosting images.

The new site shall be unveiled officially at the next meeting. If you’re reading this before then (hi, Wes!), consider this a sneak peek.