Today is a good day I think for linking to some more comics!


For your reading pleasure, here are two webcomics of “why didn’t someone tell me about these earlier” caliber. It’s the holidays; admit it, you have the time to read through their archives.

Daily Dinosaur Comics

No quick blurb about this comic could do it justice. You might think that a comic that uses the exact same layout for every single strip would get stale. You’d be wrong. You haven’t seen dinosaurs discuss philosphical issues until you’ve read it. Besides, anything that suggests a movie based on SQL titled “UPDATE bodies SET status = 'dead' can’t be wrong.

Oh, T-Rex, will you ever learn not to take ideas to a comical extreme? Stomp on, you crazy diamond.

Questionable Content

Consistently funny and well-drawn comics are always good. Questionable Content is consistently funny and well-drawn. Ergo, Questionable Context is good. QED. Also, Pintsize’s expression is always great.

OK, I couldn’t think of a clever way to say “this comic is good; go read it.” That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

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