Exam Intermission

Monday was the Algorithms final. Luckily, it wasn’t as bad as I feared it would be, though seeing what I got on it may change my opinion. I did feel a lot more confident coming out of it than I did the midterm, so either I did better or I’m just that much more delusional now.

Tuesday was nothing. Literally. Bored bored bored. The Operating Systems final doesn’t scare me enough to motivate me to study harder than looking through the notes and slides a couple of times.

You’d think that with all that time with nothing to do, I would’ve posted this earlier.

I finally got around to upgrading to version 2.6.9 of the kernel on holly, up from 2.6.6. I also started using the prepackaged kernel image packages shipped in Debian instead of installing the source package, configuring it, and compiling my own. That may have knocked down my geekiness rating down a notch or two. Oh well. I figure it’s been a while since I applied any patches to the source anyway, and if I were that concerned with any minute speedups by compiling some things in instead of leaving them as modules, I’d be using Gentoo.


This morning is the Operating Systems final. After that, I’m out of here until next semester.

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