Getting There

Wednesday’s presentation went well. I managed to get through my 29 slides, plus field a few questions, in under my 20-minute time limit! The professor was impressed with both the presentation and the project itself, which certainly bodes well.

I put my OSes project through some more strenuous tests (finding a bug or two in the process) and, satisfied, submitted it.

All that’s left is the report on the project I gave the presentation on. Lots of rewriting what I had written Monday, but I’d guess the report is three times better now. (The rough draft lived up to its name.) All I need to do is finish that up and turn it in tomorrow, and that’s the last of the work for this semester.

Well, aside from finals next week. All two of them.

It’s amazing — my todo list has actually been getting smaller as this week marches on. It’s as though new tasks aren’t jumping in to replace the old ones anymore. Fancy that.

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