Murphy’s Law Strikes Back

Naturally, once I’m 300 miles away from holly, its root partition fills up to 100%, and something on it got screwed up to prevent logging in normally. I managed to free up a bunch of space through various back channels, but logins were still screwed up. So I tried rebooting.

Now I can’t contact it at all. Presumably something got hosed when it ran out of disk space, and I’ll need physical access to fix whatever’s stopping it from booting up all the way.

Physical access is hard to come by when you’re 300 miles away for the rest of the week.

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The only package I’ve encountered so far that doesn’t play nicely in my accountable pbuilder environment is gcc-3.4. For some reason the scripts that inject the accountability information hang indefinitely and cause the build to fail. None of the other packages I’ve built so far (including gcc-3.3, interestingly) have this problem; they all work fine.

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