Did you see Game 7?

Despite my Algorithms midterm tonight (verdict: ouch!), I wanted to see Game 7 of the NLCS, hoping to watch my hometown team beat the Astros and advance to the World Series. Fortunately, the Cards did in fact win. Or, at least, so I hear.

You see, having gotten annoyed with primitive VCR technology (linear recording medium — how quaint) and weighing my options for a DVR solution, I decided to take my cable company’s offer of digital cable with DVR service. I had it installed Monday, and already I’m having problems with it.

For today, it developed the rather annoying habit of freezing randomly for a good twenty or thirty seconds when playing a recorded show while recording something else. After that time, it would for some reason think it had reached the end of the recording and prompt you to delete it or not. Going back to the show required started back from the beginning and fast-forwarding back to where you left off, hoping it wouldn’t happen again. There would also conveniently be a sudden twenty-to-thirty-second gap in whatever it had been recording at that point too. Outstanding.

So, due to the aforementioned midterm, I set the box to start recording the game, so I could come back a good hour and a half after it started and play it from the beginning.

Wait for it.

No huge problems until Pujols went up to bat in the bottom of the sixth. Now, if you were watching the game or read about it at all, you might recall that this is the point where his double brought the Cards into the lead, which they maintained until the end of the game. It was the moment where the Cards stopped losing (as the Astros had homered in the first at-bat of the game) and started winning.

Yes, this is the moment when the cable box pulled its little freezing game.

But it gets better.

For you see, this was no ordinary freeze. Oh no. I heard a sharp “pop,” and the box went completely dead. I had to go up to it and hit its power button a couple of times. It came back alive, but had lost all of its memory. Total system failure. It even had to reload its menus from whatever server it pulls its programming from.

Needless to say, all recorded shows — including Game 7 — were lost.

First thing tomorrow morning, guess who’s getting a telephone call about this.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to teach my cable box a little something about baseball.


With a bat.

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