Wednesday night we put on an hour-long show at Tarkington Hall, one of the dorms on campus. The show went pretty well, and we played to a crowd of several dozen, which just so happened to fill out the seating nicely. Yay!

Preparation for the show was pretty disorganized, with a very last-minute feel about it. It didn’t help that half the performers had other, fairly inviolable commitments that night (such as midterm exams) that made scheduling tricky and risked some performers arriving late. Fortunately that didn’t happen, but it made coming up with the night’s games list a bit tricky; to be safe, the first half of the show couldn’t do anything that required more than four performers.

When Benji and I were waiting around in a classroom for other people to show up to practice before the show, we got to drawing on the chalkboard. It’s common to see various groups on campus to put ads for things they’re doing on the sides of the boards, tagged with “Do Not Erase!” We got to parodying all the common ads you see on the boards, such as “Free Bible In Your Language,” “[time of year] Break Work,” callouts, and frat rushes. And, for good measure, the middle of the board had “DO NOT ERASE” in giant letters. It truly is a thing of beauty. I hope whatever class was in that room Thursday appreciated it.

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