I want one of those computers!

Behold, what the home computer of 2004 will look like!

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Rhythmbox Applet in Mandrake Cooker

Jerome Soyer has just informed me that he has been maintaining Rhythmbox Applet packages for Mandrake Cooker since August 8, 2004. For Mandrake Cooker users, all it takes to install Rhythmbox Applet is urpmi rhythmbox-applet.

Thanks to Jerome Soyer for maintaining this package!

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Shameless Self-Promotion

I hate updating my résumé. Yet the job fair this Tuesday and Wednesday are forcing my hand. It seems silly going to a job fair in September when I’m looking for an internship this summer, but thanks to the terms of SFS I don’t have a huge number of options.

Well, at least I personally know one of the recruiters I’m going to be talking to.

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