New Links

The observant visitor will notice that there are a few new links over there on the right. For the inobservant visitor, here’s what they are.

Spamusement is a daily series of cartoons based on the subject lines of spam e-mails. If you ever needed proof that spam can be turned into comedy gold, this is it.

The Electoral Vote Predictor 2004 aggregates the results of a variety of state polls to predict who will win the 2004 presidential election and is updated daily. If you’re wondering which states are leaning towards which candidate, it’s as good a place as any to check.

The Daily WTF exhibits source code fragments (from deployed systems!) that make you wonder just what kind of semi-literate monkeys are being employed as software developers. It’s like looking at a trainwreck — so horrible, yet you can’t look away.

And finally, Andore JR. is a collection of excessively pseudointellectual writings on old video games, brought to you by the same people behind such classic (defunct?) sites as Zany Video Game Quotes and Ecchi Attack! (the latter of which is decidedly Not Save For Work). If nothing else, be sure to read this absolutely brilliant piece on Rush ‘N Attack.

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