Isn’t this false advertising?

Suppose you had a gift card for Borders. You then look on the back and see that you can use it for purchases on their web site. Then, hypothetically speaking, you go to that web site and try to purchase something.

The question is: can you use the gift card to pay for the purchase?

No, of course you can’t. Because Borders’s web site is “teamed with,” which apparently means that it’s just Amazon branded with the Borders logo while you’re browsing the selection. The checkout system is all Amazon’s, though. And, of course, Amazon doesn’t accept Borders gift cards. They even have a custom error message if you try to enter the gift card’s ID into the spot where that sort of thing is supposed to go. It says that “you can only use a Borders gift card to purchase Borders items.” Never mind that the page for the item most certainly was branded with the Borders logo.

And yes, I’ve read Amazon’s page on how they accept Borders gift cards. Lies, all of it.

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