Recruitment: Stage 1

Yesterday’s recruitment efforts at the BGR Student Activities Fair went pretty well, even though kryten was being stubborn about playing audio (I hate ESD and ALSA), Totem kept crashing every ten minutes or so, Wes couldn’t get the flag, and the printer started running low on toner about a third of the way through printing our fliers. We attracted a pretty good number of interested people (who hopefully will come to the callout in a couple of weeks), and quite a few of them even had previous theatre experience. For some reason, our attempts to give away leftovers from Matt’s lunch didn’t have any takers.

Good think the fair only lasted about two hours; I don’t think my voice would’ve held out for too much longer, though I was getting pretty good at running through who we are and what we do pretty quickly.

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Rhythmbox Applet Enters Debian

Good news for Debian users: today packages for Rhythmbox Applet have entered Sid/Unstable. Now installation is as simple as apt-get install rhythmbox-applet.

Thanks to Dan Korostelev for maintaining this package!

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Isn’t this false advertising?

Suppose you had a gift card for Borders. You then look on the back and see that you can use it for purchases on their web site. Then, hypothetically speaking, you go to that web site and try to purchase something.

The question is: can you use the gift card to pay for the purchase?

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