Back on the air

This site’s utter unavailability for the past week was none of my fault, I swear. It was all ITaP‘s doing.

Assorted tidbits of what you’ve missed during the downtime follow.

Tuesday through Friday, if you tried visiting you probably got a timeout. That’s because the two main fileservers were down for maintenance. Although the web server was up, it couldn’t access the files for any student’s personal web space. Then, the MySQL server was (presumably — I couldn’t find an announcement for it) down for maintenance. So until sometime today you’d get a database error message visiting the blog.

Which is all a shame, since I had ideas for several rants and musings and related things of that nature. I didn’t write any of them down, so we’ll see if the muse strikes me again.

Anyway. Visitors to the Rhythmbox Applet site may notice that all the pages for it are now generated from a single XML file using a series of XSLT stylesheets. Why? Laziness, mainly. Who wants to keep several separate pages updated and coordinated?

Classes start next week. Summer’s pretty much over already. Let’s see if I can avoid getting screwed over by the local bookstores for a change: no buying books before attending class (since the listings they have are frequently wrong), and buying them online if possible (since the bookstores price-gouge).

It looks like I may have gotten myself volunteered for working on the GLib bindings for D-BUS. I think I see how it’s supposed to work now, so it shouldn’t be too painful to implement. We’ll see.

I watched Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism and Azumanga Daioh Vol. 2. Both are recommended, though the latter wasn’t quite as good as Volume 1 was.

A release of MBA should be coming soon. It’s getting better and better. Remember our good friend 5507? He doesn’t even last 17 minutes against the program now!

I’m sure other stuff happened this past week too.

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