Undoubtedly a sign of the impending apocalypse

Hold on to your hats, for I have shocking news: I just created an AIM account.

My refusal to sign up for one before was born partically out of my lack of enthusiasm for Instant Pestering Messaging in general, but mostly out of my intense loathing of AOL. So why the change?

  • Essentially everyone I know who uses some form of IM uses AIM, keeping me out of the loop.
  • Let’s face it, if my effective boycott of it were going to crush AOL, it would’ve done so by now. Maintaining a boycott for forty years without seeing results may work for U.S. foreign policy, but not for me.
  • Since I use Gaim as the client, AOL doesn’t get any revenue from showing me annoying ads while connected. Thus my using AIM is actually costing AOL resources without contributing to its bottom line, thus bringing it down from the inside. (At least, that line of reasoning shut up my anti-AOL side.)

No harm in posting the user name here, I suppose: captderiv. So there you go.

One Response

  1. I’d use something else, but AIM is all iChat supports (though for Tiger it’ll apparently support Jabber too, which has been rumored/hinted for a while), and iChat doesn’t show ads either. Also, of the commercial IM protocols, AIM seems to be the most reliable and powerful — it does at least 20% of what IRC does, even. Which is more than can be said for, say, YIM or MSN. (Yay.)

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