Remember Fgf?

It works.

The performance of the program even turned out better than I had expected. Using the old version (i.e., before I did anything do it) of the program, running on a pretty beefy machine, it took over 129 hours (that’s more than 5 days) to process. Under the current version, running in parallel on six wimpier machines, it only took 25 hours. That’s about 5 times faster!

Fgf is now the nastiest input data that the program can successfully process. Next up, my good friend 5507. What’s interesting about him is that he’s never been processed successfully, and he appears to resist some of the tricks that let other data sets be processed more rapidly. (At least, I think so; there’s no “known good results” to see what I shoudl expect to get out of the program.)

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