Please save us? From all the fresh air?

It’s a well-known fact that opening a building’s windows while the air conditioner is running is usually counter-productive. It’s also a well-known fact that people will open the windows anyway when the room is hot. That being the case, I can almost see why someone may wish to remove the screw handles from the windows and entrust them to a select few individuals.

However, I cannot fathom why somebody felt that this was not enough and decided that the windows in the computer lab needed to be physically screwed shut.

A word of advice to whatever administrator dreamed up this brilliant idea: the “don’t open the windows when the AC is running” rule doesn’t apply when the building’s AC is broken!

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  1. It also depends on the kind of AC and the climate. Evaporative cooling works much better when the windows are open.

  2. Wow, that’s some smart thinking…screwing the windows shut. By the way, did you ever check out that website about downloading the “Degrassi” episodes? Is it alright to download *which I bet it isn’t*?


  3. OK, there is in fact a story about why the windows in the lab were screwed shut.

    Once upon a time, presumably a day much like today was, the lab was hot and someone decided to open the windows. Since you need a latch key to open the windows, this person went to one of the professors entrusted with a latch key, borrowed it, used it to open the lab’s windows, and promptly… returned it to the professor.

    Now, just as you need the latch key to open the windows, you also need it to close the windows. Since the latch key wasn’t readily on hand, and apparently nobody who wanted to close the windows knew where to find a latch key, the windows stayed open. For weeks. And months. Not only wouldn’t the windows latch shut, but they’d swing open a bit if you tried to close them without latching them shut. So people who wanted to close them would jury-rig ways to tie the window down so that it wouldn’t swing out.

    Finally, one day, somebody had enough of this foolishness and reported that the windows in the lab couldn’t be closed, and could somebody please take care of that? The request got forwarded to maintenance, and one of the maintenance men came to the lab and drove screws through the bottom of the window frame to force it to stay shut. The person who related this story to me was there when this happened, and asked the maintenance guy, “Wouldn’t it be easier to just go get the latch key?” To which the maintenance man replied, “I was told there was a problem with windows here that wouldn’t shut.”

    And that’s how it happened. It’s a little more believable than the idea of an unreasonable building admin, I suppose.

  4. That’s dementedly Dilbert-esque.

  5. The best part is how, once the AC was back on and the windows could be closed, the screws were driven back into the frame.

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