The Prisoner

I recently finished watching The Prisoner, a British TV show from the late 60s. It’s pretty good. I’m going to ramble on about it for a while, most of which won’t be too spoily (at least, not until I get to talking about my interpretation of the ending).

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NASA discovers Death Star in orbit around Saturn

Don’t take my word for it; see for yourself!

Reviews: The Fog of War, Azumanga Daioh

It’s a good day when you can avail yourself of 2-for-$3 day at the local video rental store and wind up with two excellent DVDs. It’s even better when those two DVDs are such complete opposites of each other that you fear putting them next to each other, lest they annihilate each other in a ferocious release of energy that leaves you on bad terms with the video store.

Anyway, on to the reviews.

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Coming soon to a Debian mirror near you!

Wow, that was fast. Within a week of the first public release of Rhythmbox Applet, someone’s already gone and filed an ITP (Intent to Package) for it in the Debian bug tracker. Barring unforeseen complications, this means that within a few weeks Rhythmbox Applet will be included in Debian.

I’ll take this as a sign that I ought to get cracking on that TODO list.

Rhythmbox Applet 0.1.2 Released

Another day, another release of Rhythmbox Applet to let it compile. Now it will compile if the files #included by Rhythmbox.idl aren’t in the same directory as Rhythmbox.idl itself. This is the case on Gentoo, but not Debian (on which 0.1.1 compiled without problems).

Download it from the Rhythmbox Applet project page.

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Rhythmbox Applet 0.1.1 Released

Rhythmbox Applet 0.1.1 has just been released. It fixes a brown-paper-bag bug that made it impossible to compile the previous release. (Testing? What’s that?) Download it from the project page.

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I’m awesome and I didn’t even realize it

So this week I was playing around with MBA, working on some experimental code to perform a stochastic search over the solution space instead of an exhaustive search. The plan was to Somehow choose to fix the number of missings in certain ranges in the protein at each iteration based on the results of the previous iteration. Not wanting to rush into this without some idea of what would make a good Somehow, I threw together a quick-and-dirty exhaustive search that used the same constraints mechanism that stochastic search would.

Guess what.

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Marketing for Geeks

Eric Sink has written an interesting series of articles called Marketing for Geeks: Comments on “The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing” which interprets the ideas in that book from the perspective of a software developer. Definitely worth reading.

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Rhythmbox Applet 0.1.0 Released

Rhythmbox Applet 0.1.0 has just been released. This is the first release from the 0.1.x development branch. Although it’s labelled as a “development” release, it should be functional enough for normal use, with only a few minor rough spots that will be fixed before the 0.2.0 release.

More details can be found at the Rhythmbox Applet project page.

It only works if it works

The only tangentially relevant intro: it turns out there’s a web page for the project I’m getting paid to work on. I don’t know how much of my code is in the tarball up for download, though; whether or not it is, I know for a fact it isn’t documented. (The license is BSD-ish, so go nuts.)

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Are we safe yet?

Don’t worry, while Homeland Security may have its hands full harassing the would-be authors, photography students, and foreign journalists that pose a constant threat to our liberties, rest assured that families get to choose which bags will be searched, and the administration is pressuring Pakistan to catch the terrorists for us before the November elections.

Me, I’m just glad we’ve still got democracy.

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More Required Reading

The Obsessively Annotated Introduction to the INDUCE Act points out the myriad problems in Sen. Hatch’s (“No Republican senator has sponsored more laws later held unconstitutional than Hatch.”) proposed legislation to destroy technological innovation in this country unless it has the entertainment industry’s imprimatur.

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Holiday + Gunpowder = Fun

Or, what I did this July 4 weekend.

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Undoubtedly a sign of the impending apocalypse

Hold on to your hats, for I have shocking news: I just created an AIM account.

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Remember Fgf?

It works.

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