Dear Simulated Protein 5507

I will admit, you have been a worthy adversary. You’ve managed to foil my efforts to get this program to process you for over a week. Your voracious appetite for memory has forced me to go though the heart of the code, line by line, nulling out unneeded references so the garbage collector can do its job. You’ve exposed inherent flaws in my memory reclamation thread. And you’ve been sneaky about it, letting the program chug along for hours before bringing it to its knees, sending the computational servers into death throes as they used up the last few bytes of heap space.

But your days are numbered.

For fourteen hours, you have been struggling against the latest build. Struggling and failing. Yes, you have demonstrated a fundamental inefficiency in the memory reclamation logic, but that’s all it is — an inefficiency. It is only a matter of time before your spin system mappings are exposed for all to see. There is no more escape.

And soon I will crush what little is left of your ability to stymie my task parallelization and distribution logic. For while you have been busy fighting with — and failing against — the current build, I have devised a new strategy to keep you from bringing in your ally OutOfMemoryError. You will soon find there is no escape from the dark voodoo magic that is SoftReference. How will you manage to exhaust the heap when the Java VM itself is aware of your little games? There shall be no more hiding your massive data structures from the garbage collector.

It is over now.

2 Responses

  1. Postscript:

    Count yourself lucky that I foolishly ran an instance of the program on the desktop machine at my desk, consuming all its memory and causing it to thrash, making the client side of the program unresponsive, causing the computation servers to think the client had died and this give up after 26+ hours of work.

    Next time, 5507. Next time.

  2. Paul, I think you have gone crazy to talk to your computer. I always knew you were crazy deep down but I really think that boredom has made it come alive. I may have to hang my title of “the strange one” over to you…


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