I’m Paul Kuliniewicz, and I approved this post

Has anyone else noticed that lately, whenever you see a campaign commercial, there’s often a moment where the candidate says something like “I approved this message.”

Is it just me, or does this always sound incredibly wimpy?

I mean, you’re appearing on TV, asking us to give you power over our city, our state, or even (shudder) our country, and you can’t even be bothered with forming an argument for why we should do this? How’s this for inspiring:

Hi, I’m Joe Candidate. Some people who know some people who know me think that if I were elected to office, I would take the innovative stance of being pro-economy, pro-America, and anti-terrorism. Now I’ve been busy lately collecting money from the special interest groups whom I’ll be obeying when I’m elected, but my campaign manager’s done some research and assures me that a majority of voters are in favor of both the economy and America, with many of them also expressing at least moderate distaste for terrorism. As such, I approved this commercial, in the sense that I raised no specific objections to it. Vote for me.

Nice to see a leader who can take charge there.

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  1. ah Paul, I must say, I love all your rants. True, it is somewhat whimpy. Have fun voting and all that for our next president.

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