Stupid Arbitary Length Limits

I really, really wanted to name the pet Spooky Pirate Skeleton I just got in Kingdom of Loathing “The Late Captain Jeremiah “J.T.” Redbeard.” Alas, there’s a 20-character limit on names for familiars. *sigh*

5 Responses

  1. all well. Name him “Late JT Redbeard”. That should fit the 20-character limit. I’m to the bat boss *is that what you call it?* I keep geing beaten up in the beanbat cave. stupid beans…

    Have you read my e-mail yet?


  2. I ended up naming him “Captain JT Redbeard”, which just barely fits. It just doesn’t have the same ring to it, though.

    And yeah, I got your e-mail. Note the new link in the menu to the right….

  3. yay! I’m included. well, are you going to ever read it?

    I know what you mean, “Captain JT Redbeard” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  4. I read everything you have up there this morning. Don’t worry, I’ll post if I have something to say (assuming anonymous comments are allowed).

  5. They are allowed and thank you for commenting.

    You’ll have to read the newest update, it’s about the Cards game that’s going on now. It’s just..unbelievable.


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