The Moving Trilogy: Part 3

In which our hero moves between apartments!

Last weekend I moved out of my former apartment and into my current one, which I’ll be staying in until the end of my first year of grad school.

The thing about near-campus housing is, any free-standing structure enclosing more than ten square feet becomes an apartment. For several blocks in any direction from campus, the majority of houses you’ll see have been converted into apartments. In my case, my apartment was hewn from a large two-car garage.

Seriously. You’d think the exterior paint job would try to downplay that fact, but it doesn’t.

Technically this place is a two-bedroom apartment, but I have trouble seeing how you’d manage to pull that off. Yes, there are physically two bedrooms in the building, but all you have left is a combination kitchen/living room and the bathroom. I guess the previous tenants found a way to do that; I do know it involved lofting their beds to make more room in the bedrooms. Me, I’m renting the place out as a one-bedroom, since the landlady’s nice. It doesn’t work out too badly as a one-bedroom, as I converted the second bedroom into a study. And thanks to the age of wireless networking, it doesn’t even require snaking CAT-5 around half the house.

This new place is a little closer to campus than the old place, taking about five minutes less to walk there. Which is sort of surprising, since Lynn Hall is pretty close to here. Being stuck with an exam in Lynn Hall was always a pain, because Lynn Hall is Way The Hell South Of State Street and would be a pretty good walk (say, 25 minutes) from my previous places of residence. Funny how it doesn’t seem quite so far when you don’t have to practically traverse the campus to get there.

By now I’d say I’m about 97% settled in. Everything is unpacked and put pretty much where it’s going to stay, although there’s a few minor things to take care of, like putting shelf paper down in the rest of the cabinets and figuring out what to do with the TV cable that needs to get past my bedroom door but isn’t quite long enough to go up and over it without hanging halfway in midair.

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  1. And also thanks to your loving family that came up to Indiana to help you move *even though I really didn’t have anything else to do so I was okay with going up there. just wasn’t looking forward to packing and unpacking you*

    Having a nice summer in your garage-converted-into-an-apartment apartment? Speaking of your apartment, where’s your hot water heater?

    Well Paul, sounds like your having an adventure trying to figure out how to fit and make everything work in your new apartment. I’ve also been having an adventure in my living quarters. I have been somewhat cleaning my room. Yes, I know, it’s shocking.


  2. Well, come on, it’s not like I implied I didn’t have any help moving into the new place or anything. Sheesh.

    I’m not sure why you want to know, but the hot water heater’s hidden between the sink and the fridge. That’s why there’s no cabinets under the counter there.

    And you? Cleaning your room? I’ll believe it when I see it. <g>

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