The Moving Trilogy: Part 2

In which our hero moves between hard drives!

First off, to make everything I write from here on out less awkward, I’m going to start referring to my computers by their names instead of calling them “the desktop” or “the tablet” or some such. holly is the nearly-four-year-old desktop PC. kryten is the new tablet PC. OK then.

(For fun, you can try to deduce what my naming scheme for computers is. If you’re thinking “characters from Red Dwarf,” you’re wrong. Holly and Kryten are indeed both characters on that show, and the computers are named after them, but that’s not the naming scheme. Here’s a hint: the other computer I’ve named, my parents’ relatively new system, is named canti.)

So anyway. I’m terrible about backing up my data, or rather, not backing up my data. You’d think that having witnessed a hard drive failure in my parents’ old computer back in high school would have given me the clue that This Could Happen To You (fun fact: hard drives are not supposed to go “clunk”), but the last real set of backups I’ve done were almost one year ago. That was burned to a few CDs, since I didn’t have anywhere else to back up to, so naturally it was only data that I’d really not want to lose (e.g., no backups of the music collection). I am in the habit of keeping any non-trivial code in a CVS repository, but beyond that, yeah, no backups.

Realizing that I’d like to have my music collection available on kryten (despite its horrible speaker), and that I really should back up my important data, especially since holly is slowly approaching its fourth birthday and there’s certainly been other hardware failures on it (the power supply, the graphics card, the power button, and almost the CD burner). The obvious solution? rsync all the goodies from holly over to kryten! It’s got enough hard drive space, and keeping things in sync between the two systems gives my that ever-so-lovely data backup.

Of course, rsyncing some 20 GB of data takes time. I started the initial rsync a few hours ago, and it’s only recently starting to dig into the music collection. No way this is finishing up before bed. At least later rsync runs won’t take as long.

For the interested, here’s the quick-and-dirty script I threw together to automate the process:

#! /bin/sh

RSYNC_OPTS='-e ssh -a -v'
DIRS='/home/paul /var/cvs /var/local /usr/local /etc /mnt/wily/music /mnt/wily/music.tmp /mnt/wily/music.old'

for d in $DIRS; do
    mkdir -p /home/paul/holly-mirror$d
    rsync $RSYNC_OPTS paul@$d/ /home/paul/holly-mirror$d

How to adapt it to your own use should be obvious.

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  1. Is your naming scheme just “whatever word pops into your head at the moment?” My currently-alive (but not necessarily active) computers are named zorkachu (firewall/file server), squirble (Linux/XP graphics system), inkling (G4 desktop), and wendigo (powerbook), and coming up with these names was way more fun than when I was trying to just name them “porcupine” in different languages (at one point I had porcupine, trikuare, puercoespin, and harinezumi).

  2. No, it’s not that, although I do try to give systems a name that somehow seems fitting. For example, Kryten is a mechanoid who learned to break his original programming and be more human (e.g., being able to lie to and insult people); thus I named the tablet, a gift from Microsoft that I immediately installed Debian on, after him.

  3. Ah, there’s some of that in my scheme too. Like, “zorkachu” was originally a gaming system (zork) in a small formfactor (like a pocket monster, i.e. pikachu). Then, “inkling” was a system where I had an inkling about some sort of profundity of finally switching to the Mac as my primary platform or something.

    I’m still trying to figure out where the hell “squirble” and “wendigo” came from though, and how they apply to their respective systems. :)

  4. Well, “squirble” sounds like a combination of “Squirtle” the Pokemon and “mumble”. Squirtle attacks by spitting water, but if he mumbled while doing it, it’d just dribble down its chin. That would make “squirble” a water-cooled system that sprung a leak.

    “wendigo” would either refer to the mythical personivorous creature or the Final Fantasy monster named after it. So that would make “wendigo” be, um, … a computer that bites? I’ve got nothing.

  5. Wow, referring to Pokemon now Paul? And you remember the characters names…wow

    Our computer is named “canti”? That sounds so familiar. I’ll take a wild guess, are the names from an anime? Holly doesn’t seem like it would fit in with that category but eh, you never know.

    Well brother, have fun with whatever.

  6. It’s your fault that I know anything about Pokemon, you know. <g>

    You need to work on your reading comprehension. I already said that Holly and Kryten are characters on Red Dwarf. If you’ve never seen Red Dwarf, that’s a shame. I don’t know if Channel 9 back in St. Louis ever airs it any more. Not that it’s really surprising, seeing as how the last season of it was at least six years ago, as memory serves. You are right about Canti, though — that’s the robot from FLCL.

  7. I have seen Red Dwarf, but not in quite awhile. They stopped airing it in STL.

  8. That’s a shame. They’ve got the first few seasons out on DVD, but they’re a bit pricey. If I weren’t trying to save up for other stuff I’d definitely consider buying them. One nice thing about having worked in Indy the past couple of summers was that the TV station that comes out of Butler University ran Red Dwarf on Friday nights.

  9. is great for red dwarf.

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