I laugh at your puny “cables”

Why use CAT-5 when you can be irradiated with what you’re downloading?

It took way longer than it should have to get wireless networking set up on my tablet. I blame misleading documentation in /usr/share/doc/wireless-tools/README.Debian; the examples seemed to suggest I needed to use “wireless_key<number> <key>” and “wireless_defaultkey <number>” in /etc/network/interfaces, which for some reason I couldn’t get to work. A simple “wireless_key <key>” works fine.

Note to D-Link DI-524 users: there’s a nice little JavaScript error on the Home::Wireless config page of the router that prevents it from working under Firefox. I sent their tech support a note about it; we’ll see what comes out of that.

It is kind of neat to be able to post this from the downstairs of my apartment while most of the network infrastructure is upstairs. Ironically, the cable modem itself is sitting in the closet a few feet away from where I’m sitting; the cable from it runs upstairs into my bedroom, where it goes into the wireless router, which beams the signal back down to where I’m at.

If only the speaker on the tablet didn’t suck, then I could use my desktop as a music server and the tablet to play music downstairs. That would be kind of neat. Oh well.

Also, either the ndiswrapper driver doesn’t make wireless link status unavailable, or the wireless link monitor that comes with GNOME doesn’t know how to read it.

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  1. Hi!
    About the Gnome wireless monitor thing, I have the same problem, it allways shows 100%.
    I also know the reason and the possible solution of the problem.
    The reason is that it reads the link status from /proc/net/wireless if i’m not mistaken, and it allways shows the link as 99.
    The possible solution would be to make the wireless link monitor read the link status from /porc/net/ndiswrapper/wlan0(assuming wlan0 is your wireless card)/stats .
    However I lack the programming skills to make the changes and I don’t know how dificult it would be to change it since the ndiswrapper stats have a diferent format.

    -Pedro Coke

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