It might not be noticeable to the casual observer, but I have been tweaking the layout and design of this site.

Some of the changes include:

  • Reordering the menu bar at the right to put navigation at the top and external links at the bottom.
  • Changing comment display from an enumerated listing to one with dotted lines separating successive comments.
  • Adding a tagline to the title area.
  • Adding a Creative Commons License notice.
  • Various minor CSS tweaks to improve readability here and there (adjusting colors, making underlying of acronyms less obnoxious, etc.)
  • Bringing over the links from the MT site, plus a few new ones.

Stuff I’d still like to do include:

  • Figure out how to design the title area so it doesn’t look ugly.
  • Have the tagline be randomly chosen (probably not trivial).
  • Import the entries from the MT-based blog into this one.

To the people I know who aren’t listed in the “People I Know” section to the right: the most likely reason you’re not there is that I simply don’t know the address of your blog; let me know and I’ll almost certainly add you, unless we’re mortal enemies or something.

4 Responses

  1. Content from the MT-based blog has been imported, and everything looks fine. I tweaked the categories a bit, mainly merging the old Misc into General and splitting off Reviews into a subcategory of Fanboyism.

    Of course, since I never configured the MT-based blog to do anything with categories, you’re probably completely unaware they were organized by topic to begin with. Well, now they are.

  2. Also, note that I changed the permalink structure to be more human-readable. In the very unlikely event you’ve direct-linked to one of the posts here previously, you may want to update it. (I assume the old raw-id style still works, but I don’t know for sure.)

  3. Gonna start pinging again?

  4. Yes, I almost forgot about that. If the next post doesn’t show up there, let me know.

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