It’s official!

Purdue has now, as of this morning, officially recognized that I, Paul Kuliniewicz, have, with highest distinction, successfully BSed my way through Computer Science and Mathematics.

(Where BS == Bachelor of Science, naturally. What did you think I meant?)

Q: What do my college education and the Iraqi War both have in common?

A: Both have been officially declared to be over, but are really going to keep going on long after that.

For I shall be entering graduate school this fall.

4 Responses

  1. haha you funny guy. You did good with the BS. ^.^

  2. Congratulations Paul! It has been an honor to be a fellow classmate of yours. You’re a hard worker and your academic record is proof of that. I wish you the best in your grad school days ahead!

  3. Thanks! I don’t know if I could’ve managed to get though Compilers in one piece without your help. I wish you luck as you enter the real world.

  4. AAW. touching moment between old Compiler classmates

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