Over the next couple of days I’ll be working on migrating my blog from MovableType to WordPress. You can get a preview over here.

This site will remain active until I decide to migrate for good, so if you have any comments about it, post them wherever.

EDIT (May 15, 2004): There probably won’t be any new posts over here, so look at the new site. The content in MT now will eventually be migrated over there.

Is this a reaction to the recent news of MT’s licensing changes? Not really; being an open-source weenie, I had been meaning to move to a free-as-in-speech blogging system for a while. Being in the boredom-filled interval between my undergraduate work and my summer research means now’s a great time to mess with stuff like this.

You’d think with all this boredom I’d actually write the couple of posts I’ve got bouncing around in my head. Funny how that works.

And yes, I know the default WP layout is butt-ugly. I’ll try to do something about it.

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