Two exams done: numerical analysis Monday and programming languages Tuesday. Three more to go.

No big surprises on numerical analysis. Fortunately, the final lacked the surprise “here’s a problem with a bunch of tedious calculation with numbers that go out to the hundredths place, and by the way, you don’t have a calculator” problem that the midterm sucker-punched you with.

Programming languages went well. It’s the sort of class where, if you don’t already get it by finals week, studying isn’t really going to help you any. It’s a shame that the schedule for the class sort of fell apart midway though talking about type checking; for a couple of weeks we just drifted though miscellaneous topics before hurring up and covering OO languages and Smalltalk near the end. Those meandering weeks weren’t on the final at all. Aforementioned schedule collapse meant I didn’t have too good an understanding on kinds, and one of the questions turned out to be essentially “talk about kinds for a while, eh?” Oh well. The question that asked what would happen if you added dynamic inheritance (i.e., changing the class of an object at run-time) to Java proved interesting (sort answer: very bad things).

For some reason I was thinking that the compilers final was Wednesday, when in fact it is Thursday. No complaints here; if there’s a class I’d like an extra day to study for, it’s compilers.

It’s official: I still don’t have a job for the summer. Hopefully Plan B (do research on campus to pay the bills) will work. Otherwise, um, …..

Helpful tip: If you ever want to drain a tablet PC’s battery, compile the Linux kernel on it. Yikes, it’s down to 3% — better plug it in. Whew, that was close. Seems like too much effort to add a two-line patch to hopefully take care of the ide-cs driver’s unloading-itself-while-still-in-use problem, but what are you doing to do?

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