Time Warp (or the lack thereof)

It’s like the side effects of time travel without the pesky causality paradoxes!

So this weekend saw the return to Daylight Savings Time. Or at least, all the non-backwards states did. Here in Indiana, we don’t do that. So, technically, we’re still on Eastern Standard Time. The only good thing about that is that Eastern Standard Time just happens to be the same as Central Daylight Time, so effectively we’re on Central Time (a.k.a. The One True Time Zone) until fall.

You only really notice the effects of DST when you’re an island of non-DST in a DST world. (OK, aside from the jump in apparent solar position.) The most noticeable effects is the utter confusion when it comes to TV programming. Basically, all cable programming jumps forward an hour (since we’re on CDT), but all broadcast programming, since it originates in-state, stays put (since we’re on EST). As a result, for about a week you’re always surprised when you turn on the TV, since it’s usually not what you expect, and since it’s not always not what you expect, you can’t just expect the unexpected, because otherwise you wouldn’t expect what you should be expecting, throwing off your expectations.


Plus, Cartoon Network capriciously swapped Futurama and Family Guy. Again. For no apparent reason.

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  1. I wonder how TiVo handles this. Like, do they have a big mishmash of timezone information in their programming database backend, or do they just do it the sane way and store everything in UTC (like what most modern PDAs do)?

    Also, DST fucking sucks. And I’m not the only one who thinks this, as evidenced by how many people have been finding this weblog entry by searching on variants of that phrase: http://trikuare.cx/mt/archives/000434.php

  2. I can’t speak for TiVo, but with a ReplayTV you give it the name of the program, not the time it’s on. It periodically downloads the TV schedule and does the lookup for you, so in theory, it all Just Works. Unless you’re trying to record a specific airing of a show that’s aired several times a day on the same channel, in which case I think it’s clueless about DST and you need to fiddle around with times anyway.

    Maybe it would be more logical to, say, just shift working hours an hour ahead or back instead of shifting our entire system of reckoning time the other way if we want to work during daylight. But then we wouldn’t be shoehorning the real world into our neat little model.

    Here’s a crazy idea. We can go back to how some ancient astronomers reckoned time. There were always twelve hours of daylight and twelve hours of darkness each diurnal period. The length of an “hour of the day” and an “hour of the night” then scales to fit the time spans between sunrise and sunset. Hey, if it worked for ancient astronomers, why couldn’t it work for modern society?

  3. I need to say this because it’s my duty as a sister *ahem* HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR PAUL, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

    Alright, I’m done with wishing you happy birthday. Yea, I’m a day late…all well. See, you’re 22 now and I can’t believe you’re that old already. Seems like you should be younger or something!

    Um…what else is there to day? Life is tiring and I can’t wait until I get the video for Grease.

    That’s it for now. Arreviderci!

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