XXXXXXX Marks the Spot

Marge: Are you comparing yourself to Our Lord?

Homer: Well, in bowling ability.

On Saturday, the service fraternity that a friend of mine belongs to was having a fundraiser at the bowling alley in the student union. Teams of five could pay to bowl a game, with the proceeds going to Head Start. So, the friend, three other Fools, and I went ahead and played a game.

Now, back in high school, I was on my school’s bowling team for three years. I wasn’t spectacular, but I wasn’t too bad either. My average was around 140, and my high game (which I achieved twice) was 214. Since then, I’ve bowled roughly once a year.

So, naturally, I wasn’t expecting to do all that well. After all, my bowling shoes and ball were 300 miles away, so I had to make due with rental shoes and a house ball. The lanes at the Union aren’t all that great; everything’s crammed together and there was a giant pillar right to the right of our lane, so much so that there had to be a mirror to let you see on the other side so you could see if the guy to your right was going or not.

Little did I expect my score would end up a little something like this:

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