TV Show Idea

Think: Quantum Leap meets Law & Order

The show is about a small team of time-travelling lawyers. That’s right, they travel back in time and argue cases that happened in the past. Why? They’re trying to use knowledge known in the present to “undo” a bad ruling in the past. They want to fix bad precedents in case law. Maybe they want to take part in great historical cases.

Later on in the series, you discover that there’s another, until then unknown, group of time travelling lawyers. What is their purpose? Are they allies? Enemies? Mere opportunists? Something else?

There will have to be at least one episode when they go into the future and have to argue a case there. How will they fare against unfamiliar precedents and without their knowledge of what happens after the ruling?

In the season finale, they realize they screwed up interfering in a past case, and now have to go back and argue the opposite side to set things right. Will they be able to out-argue their toughest foe — themselves?

Come on, it’s at least a better idea than that lawyer-show-set-in-2030 show (Century City?) that CBS briefly advertised during the Super Bowl.

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  1. Yet another test. Please ignore.

  2. Ditto.

  3. I would watch in theory but I still want them to air a more historical shows the history of socialism in russia or maybe a kids show that takes place in the civil war.

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