Improvathon Post-Mortem

The moral is: the human body is not equipped for six hours of improvisational comedy.

Overall, the show went well. De Bono, the long-form group from U of Illinois, won, and deservedly so. Everything I saw them perform went well, and when you’re performing many sets over a six-hour period, that’s quite impressive.

Our two sets didn’t go too badly, but there was certainly room for improvement. Part of the problem is that we’re not used to performing in a relatively large venue like the South Ballroom of the Union; projecting and maintaining energy is much easier in smaller spaces.

And, of course, not having an audience already jaded by at least two hours of improv already also helps.

Anyway, our next performance should be better. I think it’s next weekend already, performing as part of some event the Swing Dance Club is hosting. Last year when we did it went really well, and I bet we can top that.

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  1. Any amount of hours in a grand ballroom is alot! But, I need to brag a bit.
    We just got done with a 50 hour improvathon here in Seattle, WA (Unexpected Productions)
    and one guy went for the entire 50!I personally improvised for 52 hours in 2002,
    and in 2003 two people improvised for the entire 53 hours!! U. P. has done 5 improvathons
    of 50 hrs or more. If an audience member stays for the entire time, they receive a
    lifetime pass to any of our shows. This year we had six people stay for the entire
    time! Last year, 10!! The general audience of about 250 come for the prime time shows
    and watch as the improvisers deteriorate into a ball of insanity.

    JAY HITT – Unexpected Productions

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