If you’re at Purdue, and you’re not going to the Improvathon this Friday, you’re going to be missing out.

What: Improvathon
Where: Purdue Memorial Union, North Ballroom
When: 7:00p – 1:00a
Who: Ship of Fools (Purdue), Crazy Monkeys (Purdue), De Bono (U of I, Urbana), Spicy Clamato (U of I, Urbana), and Your Mom Improv (Michigan State)
Who Isn’t: Full Frontal (Indiana University), aka the jerks who were supposed to be in the show too but chickened out
How Much: $5 advance for guaranteed seating, $3 at the door for opportunistic seating
How: Contact the PSUB office (PMU 268)
Who Profits: Big Brothers / Big Sisters
Why: Six hours of improv from five groups for cheap, for a good cause.

The performances will be some sort of ladder format, with two groups performing a set and judging by a panel of judges to decide on the victors of that round. Things proceed in such a fashion until the winner is determined.

Who will win? The established Crazy Monkeys? The upstart and having-me-as-a-member Ship of Fools? Some other group from off campus that nobody will care about and that will be booed regardless of their performance by the Crazy Monkey fanboys? Attendance is mandatory if you want to find out!

I’ll be outside the Class of 50 lecture hall Wednesday and Friday in the freezing cold from 1:00 – 2:30 with a fistful of handbills to, um, hand out. If you want one, I’ll be the guy harassing passersby and catching frostbite.

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  1. Well you know what, I will be missing out because there’s no way that I’ll be able to get a ride up there. Unless you want to come home, pick me up, let me watch the show, drive me home, and you drive home. Won’t work tho! I still haven’t gotten my permit so no driving experience for Amy. *sigh* all well. I’m reading the book via internet.

    Gotta go!
    Love Amy

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