Not My Fault

I found a bug in Rhythmbox while working on gkrellm-rhythmbox (my creatively named yet-to-be-released Rhythmbox plugin for GKrellM. Apparently, the very act of listening for a song change event through the Bonobo interface will crash Rhythmbox if it reaches the end of the playlist. Ouch.

And no, it’s not something gkrellm-rhythmbox is doing. See, I can reproduce it with a tiny test program and everything. Although, of course, my initial assumption was that it was somehow my fault. But on the other hand, even the ability to crash Rhythmbox through its Bonobo interface sounds like a (possibly less severe) bug too.

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  1. Here’s a little sample of my new scheduele for 2nd semester…no lunch on day 2 or 4. On day 4 I have 3 hours of classes straight…Conceptual Physics Lab, PE, Global, and Algebra. GAAH. Um overall I like my schedule but I don’t like how I have a class in the main building and then right away in RH. Tis good times though. Can’t do anything about it! Going to take my algebra test soon so wish me luck!

    <3 Amy

  2. Oooo, three hours of class straight? I have that too. It’s followed by another three hours of class straight. :P

  3. Shut up. It’s a different thing for me…

    <3 Amy

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