Applying to Grad School Was Soooo Last Year

Apparently, thanks to the University of Illinois’s ill-thought-out web site, I failed to turn in one of several paper-based forms for my electronic grad school application. They notify me of this yesterday, about six weeks after I turned my application in. So now I get to rush and throw together a paper form, half of which is duplicated from what I submitted electronically, scribble down a “personal statement” that amounts to “tell us what you did in the field,” and throw it in the mail this week. Yay.

Truth be told, I’m not too concerned; I never was particularly enthusiastic about going to U of I in the first place. I considered just saying “screw it, I withdraw my application,” since it is only a two-page form, unless the “second item” the “personal statement” is actually a separate personal statement not listed on the web site’s application checklist, which honestly wouldn’t surprise me.

This is exactly how I wanted to spend the rest of my Christmas break.

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