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I know I’ve been neglecting this blog of late, but I didn’t realize how badly until I noticed there was only one entry left on the front page. (I have MT set to display the last two weeks’ worth of posts on the front page. You do the math.)

It’s not my fault; there’s just been little going on lately that I feel is noteworthy or interesting. OK, that’s not true. There’s nothing going on lately that I’ve particularly felt motivated to write about. The general laziness of Christmas break certainly has a role with that.

Brief notes:

  • My parents’ new computer should be arriving tomorrow, which means I’ll be spending the day setting it up. Don’t be surprised to see rants about Windows XP and/or Debian’s installation process in the near future.
  • Don’t put off looking at a fellowship application for a month and a half, because you probably need to ask some faculty for letters of recommendation for it. Luckily, the due date for it is two weeks later than I had thought. Whee, another personal statement to write.
  • My sister’s taken a bit of a shine to Linux after I’ve pointed her towards Gaim, Mozilla Firebird, Rhythmbox, and Crack Attack. The fact that my computer’s performance in all areas can be measured in multiples of my parent’s soon-to-be-ex-computer probably helps.
  • My favorite quote so far from the director’s commentary tracks on FLCL: “I wonder if Americans will get the meaning of a spiral pile of poop.”

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  2. That’s why we put condoms on the fountains.

    Note the ugly metal tube mounted in the middle of the fountain to prevent students from running through the fountain in warmer weather, supposedly to protect students’ safety (read: university liability). Also note the icy sidewalks surrounding the fountain which apparently don’t impact student safety at all.

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