Yay Laziness!

It turns out you can use the USPS web site to hold your mail. That saves me one trip tomorrow.

The “Locate a Post Office” search gives some suspect-looking results, however. Searching on the ZIP code up here turns up a few results that I swear are just those blue mail-drop boxes and not a real post office. I’m pretty sure we don’t actually have four separate post offices on the periphery of campus.

2 Responses

  1. SAY WHAT?!

    Who said those Blue Mailboxes were separate post offices or whatever you said?

    See you tomorrow night (aka Friday!)

  2. The post office’s web site. As far as I can tell, that’s what the search results seem to be telling me. (Go to their Post Office Locator and search for 47906; note that most of the results don’t have hours listed.)

    It’s obviously useful to be able to search for where mail drop boxes are too, but it seems counterintuitive to include those, undifferentiated, with post office listings.

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