Two Finals Down, Two to Go

It’s a bad sign when the first words out of your mouth after a final exam are “what the hell was that?!

Tuesday night’s Security exam went surprisingly well. There was almost nothing on there that threw me for a loop, which is always good. There were an awful lot of true/false or multiple-choice questions on it, though; only one of the questions was of the “find the flaws, if any, in this protocol” type, and even that was straight from one of the homeworks. The only surprise was a question on how inverting the plaintext and/or key affects the ciphertext in DES; I didn’t study the specifics on DES too hard because I was sure he wouldn’t ask a question about how it works, and besides DES was covered by a guest lecturer anyway. Oh well.

Wednesday afternoon’s Abstract Algebra was quite a bit tougher than the previous two exams in that class. There were several double-take-worthy questions on there, the sort where you have to read it two or three times to assure yourself that, yes, that is in fact what he’s asking. For example, I don’t think the word “eigenvalue” has come up in the entire semester, but there you have it, one of the questions, “find the matrix that does so-and-so transformation and find its eigenvalues.” What is this, Linear Algebra? At least I wasn’t the only one who came out of there wondering where in left field some of those questions came from.

Next up: Thursday morning’s History exam, all about Reconstruction. History is this semester’s award winner for “class I need to study for most,” but I think I’m as ready as I can reasonably expect to be for it. Then, Friday afternoon’s finale, the Networking final. I really should start studying for that. Maybe tomorrow afternoon.

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  1. Haha! It’s not good when you say that after an exam….not a good sign BB. You really need to study for those exams so that you get good grades. Oh yea, did I tell you that I’m thinking of adding another class to my scheduele next semester? I may possably be taking Conceptual Physics (sp?)


  2. Studying had nothing to do with it. A few of those questions just came out of nowhere — they were nothing like any of the homework problems or any of the examples we had gone through in class. Especially considering how neither of the previous two exams had any sucker-punch questions like that, it came as quite a surprise.

    Which, of course, isn’t to say I didn’t get the answers for them. <g> (I think, at least.)

    Physics is cool. Except PHYS 152, which is an evil evil course meant to punish engineering students. But I digress. Is “Conceptual Physics” different than some other physics course that’s offered, or is that just the title. I remember back in high school there’d usually be two or three versions of each science class, the main difference being difficulty.

  3. Besides, for the record, my roommate and I were able to successfully guess nearly every question that appeared on our History final. So there. :P

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