Some People Have Too Much Time On Their Hands

Heck, why search for a cure for cancer when you can find ways to beat classic Nintendo games in a ludicrously short amount of time?

Exhibit A: Beating Super Mario Bros. 3 in 11 minutes (18.4 MB)

I didn’t know it was even possible to travel through the game so fast. Naturally, it makes judicious use of warping, but still! You may be wondering how exciting his passage through the various auto-scroll stages in World 8 can be. Well, he spends his time somehow racking up 50 1-Ups by jumping on all the cannonballs and Bob-ombs flying across the screen.

Exhibit B: Beating MegaMan 2 in 29 minutes (46.7 MB)

Now, I’ve played my fair share of MegaMan 2 (being the Greatest Game Ever Made and all), and despite practically having all the levels memorized, it still takes me at least an hour to play through it. This is impressive work. I mean, look at his performance on the Air Man stage alone, and how far he manages to get before even firing a single shot! There’s quite a few nifty tricks in here I’ll have to try next time I play. I didn’t know it was even possible to beat the boss of Wily Castle Stage 4 without using all 7 Crash Bombs! My only point of complaint is that he is clearly using a controller with turbo-fire, because it’s not humanly possible to pound the B button that quickly.

I would make Exhibit C be that Super Mario Bros. video that circulated the net over the summer (the file went by the name crazygodtechnique.avi, I believe) if I could find a place to download it nowadays. That was also quite impressive. He knew exactly how to trigger every bug in the game, and did so with impunity.

Of course, in practice I wouldn’t be surprised if Exhibits A and B were partly the product of someone carefully using save states and a little video editing to let them get as many do-overs as needed. Putting off a lot of those stunts would be hard, especially when you put them all together like that. Nevertheless, it’s still quite something to watch.

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  1. Those people really need to use their time for something PRODUCTIVE and not on video games. I know games are not a waste of time and blah blah blah but..i mean..come on! The people that have time to do that are either unemployed or old farts….no offence to any of those people.

    talk to ya later BB!

  2. Or maybe they just have a hobby. All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

    Do you seriously believe that all people should devote all of their waking moments to being “productive?” Work will set you free?

  3. BTW, the first link is broken, but I really want to see it. Any other sources for it?

  4. That Mega Man movie is just a thing of beauty.

  5. This link might work:

    I’ve read somewhere that the guy who made the video admitted he used save states to pull it off, but it’s still an impressive watch nonetheless.

  6. Save states would be legitimate I think. But to me it looks like he probably recorded a demo and then tweaked it… the timing is just too amazingly perfect in a lot of places.

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