So my partner for the Evil Networking Project and I implemented a feature to our voice-over-IP application that lets you ignore an incoming call. We started talking about what the best way would be to inform the user that the other end hit “Ignore” without sounding insulting….

Him: In New York and Washington, they have a Reject Hotline.

Me: What’s that?

Him: If you’re talking with someone in a bar and you don’t want to give them your number, you give them the number for the hotline instead. When they call it, they get a menu. “If you wish to be let down easy, press 1. If you wish to refuse to believe you’re being rejected and still think you have a chance, press 2.”

Me: How did you find out about it?

Him: A friend told me about it.

Me: …

Him: F*** you, Paul.

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  1. I like what cellphones do – they just forward a call to voicemail. My cellphone gives an option, either do an instant forward (letting the other person know you’re there but busy) or just stop telling me about the call and let it ring through to voicemail normally (letting the other person think I just left my phone at home or whatever). Either way the call gets added to the incoming call log as “missed.”

    Basically, it wraps up the “ignore” functionality in with the natural function of oops-I’m-not-really-with-my-device-but-I-forgot-to-set-myself-away.

    The best mapping for something like VoIP where there’s no voicemail/etc. is to simply add the person to an ignore list where their incoming attempts get logged but not displayed outright.

  2. An alternative could be to build an answering machine of sorts into the VoIP program. If the other end hit “Ignore” (or is just busy talking to someone else), you can record a short message that can be played back later. If storage is a concern, you could just leave a text message instead of voice.

    If we were working on a *real* VoIP application, that might be the way I’d go. For an annoying class project that needed one more “extra” feature (are they really “extra” if you’re required to have three?), just showing a “$PERSON doesn’t want to talk right now” should be enough.

  3. haha. I’ve heard those servers where you give that number instead of your real one. I don’t remember WHERE i heard it, i just have

    <3 Amy

  4. I remember hearing it on Off the Hook, the 2600 fm radio show. They called it thinking it was a celebrity, if you look through some archives you might be able to find it. The message is so funny “…Maybe it is your poor personality, or lack of dressing skills…”

  5. hey everyone i found this cool phone #…its a reject hotline, you call it and it tell you that you have been rejected and are a loser and stuff, try calling it its so funny! (407) 338-0036

  6. Whats the ### to the reject hotline?

  7. is that really the hotline ###?

  8. It says the number has been disconnected. . .

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