Nothing Like Doing Things For Getting Things Done

I’m pretty sure that’s a quote from the Simpsons, but I’m not sure who said it and in what context. It’s true nonetheless, as this weekend’s activities are demonstrating.

I finally finished the rough draft of the history paper I mentioned earlier. It’s about how the governor of Missouri tried to get the state to secede and join the Confederacy at the beginning of the Civil War. It weighs in at just over 12 pages. It’s not finished yet — revisions will likely be done during Thanksgiving break — but having all that writing out of the way takes a load off.

Applications for grad school are nearing completing. The personal statements I’d written several days ago don’t seem quite so bad as they did when I originally wrote them. For the most part, they’re the only parts of the applications I don’t have completed yet.

I’ve also had the opportunity to start writing something I’m calling gkrellm-rhythmbox, which is (get this) a plugin for GKrellM that acts as a remote control for Rhythmbox. It’s along the same lines as the GKrellMMS plugin (which does the same, but for XMMS). It’s nowhere near complete yet, but it’s already capable of displaying the title of the playing song.

And in completely unrelated news, my e-mail inbox has been eerily quiet the past two days, due to the recent Debian server breakin. One of the compromised machines is the one that handles the mailing lists, so the lists have been dead since the systems were taken down. The debian-devel list (which I lurk on) its pretty high traffic; for once I’m *not* getting 100+ e-mails a day.

Sudden thought: I wonder how those lists being down will affect how many spams I’m getting?

[runs "ls -l ~/Mail/spam/new"]

Doesn’t look like it had much effect; the rate of 3-5 spams a day seems pretty steady. In retrospect it’s not too surprising, since the Debian lists do their own spam filtering too, so I’d imagine not too much spam gets sent out through the lists.

Anyway, now that more pressing tasks have been attended to, let’s see how much work I can get taken care of to minimize the amount of homework I have over Thanksgiving….

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