Harrison Show Postmortem

<sarcasm>Right on time,</sarcasm>, here’s a few notes from the Harrison Show last Wednesday.

Overall, the show went pretty well. We had an audience sufficiently large to fill most of the seating space. The last thing you want is to be playing to an empty audience, after all.

The 60-Second Alphabet we started things off with went well, except for only getting through A-W. But the scene had characters and escalating conflict.

Unfortunately, the couple of games after it were fairly low energy. The Shoulda Said was certainly a low point: the “scene” quickly degenerated into a series of “hey, look at that” observations that didn’t have much to do with one another at all.

After that fiasco the show consistently gained momentum, a fact corroborated by the testimony of some of the audience members. I did a decent enough job in Chain Murder Mystery, Interrogation, and Dating Game, I think. It was surprising to learn that my partner for Interrogation honestly didn’t know who “Slick Willie” referred to.

World’s Worst went surprisingly poorly, considering that it tends to be one of our best games. Nothing I said really got a laugh in it, which was disappointing. (A far cry from last semester’s Civic Show, where I had the audience eating out of my hand in that game.) I’m not entirely sure what the deal with that was. My performance on Freeze was also fairly lackluster.

It’s evident that waiting nearly a week to do this writeup was a bad idea, since a lot of the details have slipped my memory. *sigh* Anyway, all in all it was a pretty good show.

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  1. Someone didn’t do so well did they now? Poor Paul…it sucks when you’re trying to be funny and people are all quiet and you can almost hear those crickets chirp…speaking of crickets..we used to have them in our bathrooms at school…anyhow, glad you did well on some of your “games” or whatever you called them.


  2. Well, I did pretty well in the Do Rap Rap. Whereas nobody else could think of a rhyme for Melissa, I had *two*: abscissa and mantissa.

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