Truly Taxing Times: Terrible Test Triumvirate Takes Toll

Also, annoying alliteration aggravates and alienates all!

Three tests or test results this week:

History Midterm: We got our history midterms back Wednesday. The professor expressed his disappointment in the general quality of the answers to the essay questions, and said he’d read an example of how an essay should be written. My roommate (who’s also taking that class) turned to me and said, “That better not be your test he reads.”

It was.

The irony: my roommate still got a better grade on the midterm than I did.

Networking Midterm: Didn’t do as well on this test as I expected. On one of the programming questions I lost six out of ten possible points with no explanation whatsoever. A friend of mine gave essentially the same answer and got twice as many points. (Actually, his is wrong because you don’t need to call ntohl() on the IP address, which I didn’t and he did; aside from that, our answers are effectively identical.) I’ll have to go in and find out why I lost so many points, since I honestly don’t see what’s wrong with my answer that isn’t also wrong in my friend’s. (The only thing I see that could have lost points was a lack of error checking, but my friend didn’t do any checking either.)

GRE CS Exam: The real thing turned out to be significantly harder than the practice exam they have on the web site. It’s demoralizing when you can’t answer the very first question. And I left a lot of answers blank on my first pass through the exam. Hopefully I end up doing well, but I won’t find out for at about a month or so, most likely.

In related news, I got my official scores from the GRE General Exam. Verbal and quantitative scores were the same as the unofficial ones I had, but I did do a little better on the writing than I expected. If I were grading my responses, I would’ve been tougher on my first essay. But on the other hand, the prep book I had showed examples of essays that would receive scores of 4 and 6 (on a scale of 0 to 6), and in each case the 4 examples seemed to me like they should be a 3 at best, so maybe they’re just more lenient than I am.

Fun fact: according to the score report, 8% of the people who take the GRE General Exam get a perfect 800 on the quantitative section.

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  1. I cOuLd TyPe LiKe ThIs..haha. That’s almost as annoying as typing in all alliteration…GAG!

  2. D00d, I c4n 7yp><0rz 1n 4 f4r 4nn0y1ng w4y th4n j00.

  3. And I’m the immature one?! haha. you’re a strange one Paul and I love you for that.


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