Harrison Show!

There will be a Ship of Fools show today (Wednesday, Nov 5) at Harrison Hall on the Purdue campus at 8:00-ish pm. If you’re at Purdue, you’re free to attend. Literally.

There probably won’t be a huge audience. I’ve heard that there hasn’t been much advertising of the show over in Harrison (one of the dorms on campus), so the audience will likely be dominated by people we’ve invited ourselves and people who hear about it at the last minute.

Assuming an energetic audience, it should be a good show. Actually, the two main factors of a successful improv show are things you probably don’t think about: the audience’s energy and the quality of the MC. Both are aspects of maintaining a high energy level throughout the show. A good audience and a good performance feed off each other. A good MC knows when to let a scene or game continue and when it needs to be caught off because it’s not going anywhere or is only going to go downhill, and also keeps things moving so there’s minimal down time.

3 Responses

  1. Sounds fun. Don’t screw up…you best be taping that show…THat or I get my own private IMPROV show when you come home for thanksgiving….

    Oh yea…gotta talk to you about those Cds….


  2. No, no taping. Sorry. And improv comedy isn’t a medium that works as a one-man show.

    I’ll post about the show soon, not like those other times when I said I’d post something but didn’t. <g>

  3. Thank you OH SO MUCH BB! I want to watch and/or hear how funny you are. I want to see how badly you screw up. It’s all good! I get to take my Lit. genres test after I get off the computer so peace out and wish me luck! PS. I AM AT SCHOOL.


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