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Yeesh, would it kill my prospective grad schools to update their web sites once in a while?

It’s bad enough I need to narrow down what grad schools I’m considering to decide who to apply to. But it’s disturbing how many pages I’ve seen with something like “Last Updated, x/y/1999″ on them. 1999?! On the page where you’re listing your current research projects at your university?! Is your information out of date, or is there really nothing new going on for the past four years?

(I’ve heard it said that “Nothing that can’t be done in six months isn’t worth doing.” It’s an oversimplification, but the idea behind it is sound; if it takes a long time to accomplish something, most likely the problem it was most likely to solve has changed since then. I think this was said regarding crypto software — the justification was that when you see a program touted as “five years in the making,” either the technology behind it is now horribly obsolete or the developers are so incompetent they couldn’t get it out the door in a reasonable time frame. So, if a research project’s info hasn’t been updated in four years, is there really anything important going on there? (Wow, this digression is longer than the amount of non-digression text so far.))

I really need to settle this in a few days so I can tell the professors who’ve agreed to write letters of recommendations for me what they need to do and give them enough time to do it before the application is due. There’s some sort of grad school fair going on tomorrow, so I’ll try to avail myself of that and hope the recruiters/reps/whoever-they-are are at least somewhat non-clueless about their schools’ information security programs in their computer science departments.

Right now the big contenders are Purdue, UIUC, and possibly Princeton (note the non-updated-web-sites rant above, though they certainly aren’t the only ones guilty of that). CMU looks good in general, but there’s really no infosec research going on there. A lot of schools I’ve given the once-over have a couple of professors who do some infosec work, but most don’t have any significant programs as far as I can tell. The main thing Purdue has going for it is CERIAS, so there’s a lot of infosec research going on here.


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  1. As luck would have it, none of the grad schools I was considering at all were at that grad school fair thing. Figures.

  2. blarg? New word for ya there BB. Where are all those schools generally located? In Iniana or what? Princeton is a very…um…IVY leage-ish school, correct? Well, where ever you plan on going, that’s cool!

    Nice ranting there Paul! I’m really proud of you *tear* haha. I know what you mean about being annoyed when websites that are actually important don’t update for a long time (ex. 4 years). It’s really annoying so I know where you’re coming from.


  3. UIUC is in Urbana, Illinois. We drive through it on the way up here.

    Carnegie Mellon is in Pennsylvania.

    Princeton is in New Jersey.

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