They’re GREat!

Gee, I bet nobody ever came up with that pun regarding taking the GRE….

So I took the GRE general test this morning. One nice thing about the crazy computer-adaptive test style of exam is that you can get unofficial scores on the verbal and quantitative parts right away. The writing parts, obviously, need to be graded by hand, so I won’t find out my scores on them until I get the official score report in a few weeks. But that’s no big deal, since I have a pretty good idea what I’ll get on those.

Overall I think I did pretty well, especially considering that I spent maybe half a week “preparing” for it. I aced the quantitative and got a pretty decent score on the verbal. I nailed the Analyze an Argument essay and did fairly well on the Perspective essay. I would’ve liked to do better on the verbal and Perspective essay, but there’s little reason to bother taking the GRE again to try to improve upon it.

So, of course, while talking to a professor today, he explained that Purdue’s grad school doesn’t look at GRE scores because they’re not a good indicator of success in a degree program. *shrug*

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  1. You’ll be getting comments from me a lot now from me Paul…

    Ok, Good Job on your GRE’s and all that. That was a stupid joke “they’re GREat!”…LAME! If only I was more like you then I’d be doing a little better in Global History and actually *gasp* studying more…and I thought I did so well on it too. All well..

    That’s it for now. Dad rented Woodstock on DVD. *shudders* *knocks on computer screen* GET ME OUT OF HERE PAUL! SAVE ME FROM THE HORROR!!!

    Love, amy

  2. Well, all you have to do is hijack a car, drive up here, and hang out with us. You can help me study for one of the two midterms I have this coming week.

    Feel free to tell Dad that I find it rather ironic that Woodstock now comes in DVD form.

    Oh, for your further posting pleasure, if you fill in the

    Not that anyone besides you ever reads this anyway, of course….

  3. I bet I’m not the only one that ever reads this…THIS IS SOME GOOD STUFF! haha. What has scared me is that you told me that you knew what you are getting me for Christmas ever since September….that can either be a very good thing or a scary thing…I’ll just have to wait and see what it is. OK, I’m going to ask you to burn me a CD or some CDs from all those MP3′s that I uploaded onto your computer. Not yet though because I need to figure out which MP3s are “worthy” of being in CD format.

    Why can’t you be trusted with shoelaces? What did you do? I can only begin to imagine…

    Well, apparently you’re online but not on Yahoo! Messanger I see…pity. I’m just about to get off because I want to call my one friend..I may be on a little later tonight.

    I love using the e-mail address. it’s so..FUN! haha. I’ve told a few of my friends about it but I don’t know if they ever used it.

    Peace my big bro.
    <3 amy

  4. The low number of people reading this blog is mostly due to the minimal publicity I’ve given it. The only place I’ve done anything that could be considered advertising it is linking to it in my signature on the NaNoWriMo forums, and I don’t post all that frequently over there.

    At this time I decline to explain why I already know what I’m getting you for Christmas, for fear of the explanation giving you a clue as to what it will be. But trust me, you’ll like it.’s a good standby, but I personally prefer root@localhost or root@ “localhost” and “″ refer to the local machine, and “root” is the administrator account on any Unix-like system. So if a spammer tries to e-mail root@localhost, it will go to the administrator of that machine. At least in theory it will.

    Of course, being able to use root@localhost depends on what kind of sanity checking the form does before accepting the input. Some check to see if it’s of the form and don’t like it when there aren’t any periods after the @ (although I bet there are plenty of perfectly valid, RFC-822-compliant e-mail addresses those checkers would reject). But unless the form explicitly checks for, it’ll accept it.

  5. I get to work today! Hahahahaha! I’m getting paid and everything! there is so much to tell you but I’ll e-mail you it all….I’m watching GC music videos..I had Patches on my lap and she watched that video from beginning to end without taking her eyes off the computer screen. haha. IT was a funny site.

    I went to your Ship of Fools bio and I must say…I laughed my butt off. You guys shall i put this…”creative minds”. It’s all good!

    Love Amy

  6. You can always do what I did with my weblog when I still used the MT comment engine and make it only show HTTP links anyway.

    And obviously, it’s possible for people to come across your weblog randomly, though in my case it’s just because you happen to link to mine and I saw that on blogshares… :D

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