FLCL Returns to Adult Swim

If you’re like me, the only thing better than new episodes of both The Brak Show and Aqua Teen Hunger Force every Sunday night is the return of FLCL to the Adult Swim weeknight lineup.

(At least, as far as night-time animated comedies go.)

For those of you unfortunate enough not to have seen it before, FLCL (a.k.a. Fooly Cooly (a.k.a. Furi Kuri)) is one of the greatest things to come out of Japan in the past decade. FLCL is the timeless coming-of-age story of a boy, his older brother’s girlfriend, his alien housekeeper, and a robot that came out of his head.

Sound weird? Well, it is. When I first heard of it, I doubted its greatness. I feared it would try too hard to be weird, becoming some bizarre, confusing, unfunny show like Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law. Not that Birdman didn’t have its moments, but they were few and far between.

But FLCL does not fall into that trap. Yes, it is weird. Very weird. Yet at the same time, it manages to make sense. It actually has a plot, character development, and all the other trappings of quality programming. And of course, it’s funny. Even if you don’t catch most of the references. Yes, there are several anime references (the majority of which I’m sure went completely over my head), but also quite a few references to American culture. Did you know they watch South Park in Japan? Well, apparently some people over there do.

Furthermore, FLCL has an enjoyable soundtrack (although it can be a little too loud at times), and even the voice acting in the dub is pretty good. I haven’t seen it in the original Japanese to know how well it compares, but none of the acting in the dub stood out as bad, and all the voices fit the characters pretty well. That alone is an impressive feat.

What’s not to like about FLCL? The only disappointing thing is its length — it’s a mere six half-hour episodes long. But it’s six quality episodes. It never feels forced or dragged out or like the creators ran out of ideas. The only other bad thing I could say about it is how much it costs to buy on DVD. Yes, it’s very good, but $25 for each two-episode disc is pricey in my book.

Check your local listings to see what time the greatness that is FLCL will be aired in your area. It’s on right after Futurama. (Well, not right after. They’ll probably run a few commercials first.)

OK, I may have been laying the praise on FLCL a little bit thick. But only a little. It is my second-favorite anime, after all, and I’m picky about what I like.

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  1. Paul…you best be recording ATHF if it’s a new season for me…Lindsey (my bud) loves The Brak show…is it any good? I am going to ask you a favor…can you record me a few eposodes of FLCL? It’s Fooly Cooly! OMG OMG OMG! Linz would be flipping out right about now if I even MENTIONED FLCL…she loves that show. I love my meatwad…I LOST MY MEATWAD PIN!! AAH! I love that pile of meat…

    To everyone tuning in…I am Paul’s litlle sister that he loves so dearly. (even if he doesn’t admit it to anyone else).

    Kisses and misses
    Love, Amy

  2. Well, the thing is, my roommate has a ReplayTV which we use to record shows. It’s Tivo’s competitor; you can tell it what shows you want to record, and it records them for you on its hard drive. I don’t think there’s any good way to transfer them onto a VHS tape (besides the obvious legal issues <g>). I’ll try to make it up to you somehow….

    Of course The Brak Show is good! How could anyone *not* love Brak and Zorak?

    Brak: Is he dead?

    Zorak: He was when I killed him.

    The Brak Show can be almost a little too weird at times (like the Hamlet parody a few weeks ago), but it’s generally quite entertaining.

    If Linz likes FLCL, she must have good taste. I probably raved about it enough in my original post, but keep in mind that I stopped writing not because I ran out of praise for it (even the closing credits sequence is great!) but because I was getting hungry and it was time for dinner. Watching it again on TV has confirmed my belief that I will have to acquire it on DVD in the near future. You may consider this to be an item on my Christmas wish list. OK, three items.

    (What? I’ve known what I’m getting you for Christmas ever since early September.)

    As for your lost Meatwad pin…. does that mean you now have *less* than a hundred pins stuck on your purse? <g>

  3. AHAHAHHAHAAAAAAAA HEEEEEE HEAHAHEHAHEAHAAAAA…. >.>….. <.<……^.^ hiiiiiii amy’s brother!!!!!!!!! this is linz…. in case u havent noticed… yes i think ur blog is very nice and professionally done. also about ur sissys million pins on her purse, my homie did that lol it was good and no she still has about a hundred on there. anywhozenheimer, as u know i love brak and flcl as well. u see i act like haruko but mamimi is my fav, is that a crime? and i have a wonderful beautiful brak arm band. ::drools::and i wear it 2 school almost everyday and stick it in ppls faces and scream “brak loves you!!!!” its good. OH ALMOST FORGOT!!! thank you sooooo much for puttin that up on ur bloggy here cuz if u didnt then i never would’ve known that my fav anime was back!! and if that happened i would have killed myself! mmk well thats all ive got to say. thanx a bunches. cyaz

    ~retard aka mamimi~

  4. Hi!

    I really can’t take credit for the layout of the site. It’s the default that MovableType (the engine that runs it) comes with; I’ve been too lazy/busy/whatever to customize it beyond adding some links to the sidebar.

    Mamimi? Really? Although there really aren’t any caracters I *don’t* like, I’d have to say that either Canti or Amarao is my favorite.

    Note to Amy: If Linz really *does* act like Haruko, DON’T LET HER NEAR YOUR GUITAR!!!!!

  5. ahahahahha ya hes right amers…. hee heee hee hide ur guitar from me…. and if u hav a vespa…. dont let me get a hold of that either….. ^_^ but ya i do like all of the characters 2 but i must say mamimi i my fav still… well…. naota is cute and haruko well we all love haruko and i like mamimis cat ta-kun (the little black one, not the fat one with the large ballsac… ahem….)and i lik canti (kanti?) too.i just dun like kitsurabami r w/e her name is…. shes annoying…. she ruined my fav episode…brittle bullet….. she wouldnt shut up… seriously….. ok nuff dots and continuous rambling… im gonna go now… its only 10 AM and im so freakin tired so im goin back 2 bed. bye pplz


  6. Alrighty…I became completely lost when I read your comments…see, I’ve never SEEN FLCL so I have NO CLUE who all these characters are. Who’s the kitty that you have in your locker Linz?

    I am not letting ANYONE touch my baby (my guitar)….Linz, I know you break stuff so…yea…NO.

    Paul…now you know what I have to go through pretty much everyday at school with this crazy girl. It makes the day an adventure.

    Love Amy

  7. Well, Amy, at least she’s teaching you new and exciting grammatical structures. <g>

  8. Yea…something like that….

    AAH! I’m using you’re little grin symbol!

  9. AHAHHAHHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAHAHA AAAAAAAA HA HA H H AHA HAA HAAAAAAA (amy on the phone)i have gewd grammar. HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA HA HA AHAAAAA. omg im talkin to amy on the phone rite now and she crackin up aahahhaa. breathe hun breathe. i just gave myself a headache. woosh, the cat in my locker is ta-kun (actually its neko from trigun but it looks like ta-kun and ta-kuns better so ya)ummk anywho…. umm…. mr paul sir…… um yous ee, ive always wanted an older sibling and you seem very cool cz u said i gotsgewd grammar so um mr paul sir….. could you please adopt me as your 2nd little sister….. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE?? amy says then u and i will be like sisters. no shit. ok so yes well then…. thats enough for now. peace out homie g funks. yo shizzle.

    mamimi in the ghetto

  10. NB: “new and exciting” does not necessarily mean “good”.

    As for adoption, one little sister is enough of a hassle. (Hi Amy! <g>) I don’t know if I could handle two.

  11. Ouch Paul…just Ouch! Well, I am specail (shut up Paul..don’t even think it!). What’s this about me being a “hassle”. I AM NEVER A HASSLE. I am a joy and you just happened to have been around and all that. haha! Just playing about that last part but since when am I a hassle when you’re all the way @ Purdue and I’m stuck HERE?

    Whatever Paul…just…whatever. haha. PSST! Linz is a PIB (pain in butt). I mean, i love that girl and all but that doesn’t change a fact. She’s a cool girl…think about it BB. You’re seen how she is..through her *ahem* wonderful *cough* typing…HAHA LINZ!

    Well I need to go shopping BB so um…chat later my brother!

    Love, amy

  12. fine then bizztochnes……. i see how it is…. i know when im not wanted…..

  13. Linz…that you? Damn girl,,,you have some ANGER that you seriously need to vent…just don’t hurt me.


  14. Considering I can count my known readership on one hand, I’m assuming that that’s Linz.

    The problem with text-only communication is that it can be hard to tell when someone’s being sarcastic or joking around and when they’re being sincere….

  15. ya wutever everythins gay lately sry i went off on u pauly boy

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