Registered for the GRE

Yesterday I finally decided it was about time I register to take the GREs, since I’m strongly considering going to grad school after I graduate. Lucky I did, too, since I found out that yesterday also happened to be the last day to register for the GRE Computer Science subject test to be able to take it Nov 8.

You’d think that signing up for the GRE General Test and a GRE Subject Test would be very similar processes, wouldn’t you? Not so.

Signing up for the GRE CS exam was fairly straightforward, actually. It’s just a matter of going to their web site, filling in a few screenfuls of information, give them my CC number, and that’s it. The only snag was when the server somehow lost my session key halfway through the process. Fortunately, they seemed to have anticipated that situation by giving you a session ID when you start, so I didn’t end up losing any of the info I had typed in.

Signing up for the general exam was more painful. For reasons that baffle me, there’s no way to sign up for the general exam online, even though you’d think it would be almost the exact same process. But no, it’s only by phone or by mail.

So, I picked up the phone and dialed the number. After pressing 3 to register for the GRE, the recording informed me of the registration policies. For five straight minutes. Information that is also found in the GRE brochure, which the voice told me several times that I should read before continuing. And no way to skip the recording.

Normally I’d just be annoyed at this. However, when I called, I had 15 minutes until I had to leave for class, so as the minutes passed and the voice kept droning on about things that either I knew already or didn’t apply to me with no indication of letting up, I was faced with the possibility that I’d have to bail out before completing the registration, and have to go through this painful recording again.

Long story short, I finally got to dictate my information to a person on the other end, with two minutes to spare before I needed to leave. Whee.

If they allowed for Internet registration (which they obviously could do if they just decided to allow it), I could’ve registered in half the time and without having to spell L-A-F-A-Y-E-T-T-E half a dozen times.

Of course, the irony is that if I go to grad school here at Purdue, they won’t care about the GREs anyway.

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  1. Hey Paulie! Sounds like you’ve had a…*ahem* fun experience. haha! I’ve ben doing well @ Notre Dame. I have a Spanish test tomorrow which will be…..yea…. You know what I mean. I need to finish my packet in algebra so I can test out of some of this boring boring work that I already knew…. What else….have you recently checked out my journal? If you don’t want to know some of my personal shit (i mean stuff) then I’d advice you not to, at least until I delete those parts of my journal… Well. I will e-mail you and drone on and on about more stuff but for now, I must go to *gag* homework. I really love cranking up the purdyful music. haha!

    Kisses and misses
    Love Amy

  2. Keep in mind that anything you post here will be made public, Amy. I’m not sure you want your e-mail address plastered on all your posts here in case some spambot comes crawling along. Common convention is to give the URL of your own blog or web site when posting, so that’s displayed with your comment. (If you want me to change that in your last comment of yours, let me know. I don’t know if you intended your e-mail address to be made public here.)

    I can’t say I’ve looked at your journal, largely because I don’t have the URL for it handy.

    (For those of you just tuning in, Amy is my sister.)

  3. Yea…change that for me if you would. I don’t really want any of my info plastered all over the net…I get enough junk mail the way it is…

    And for all of you out there, HE LOVES ME VERY MUCH! haha. You know you do even if you don’t admit to it.


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